img_2812Your first line of defence when it comes to protecting your home is your perimeter security. You want to deter an intruder from even trying to breach the perimeter of your property.

We advise that perimeter walls be at least 2.1m high. The idea is that any product that is on top of the wall becomes much more effective if it is at a height where it can’t be easily tampered with. We also suggest that walls are tapered at the top so that it is only one brick wide. It is best to have no wide pillars or footholds that would help an intruder to climb the wall.

The best product to fit to the top of the wall would be to fit one of our anti-climb wall spikes such as the Razor 11cm spike. This product is heavily ribbed for strength and is extremely difficult and dangerous to climb over. The product is galvanised to stop rusting and then it is powder coated so that it blends in with the wall. The razor spikes are fitted using zinc alloy hammer drive anchors which expand inside the brick and make it very difficult to remove.

Bushes and shrubs next to your perimeter are perfect hiding spots for burglars to lie in wait until you leave the house. This makes it so they can get in your house quickly without attracting the attention of your neighbors. If you must have bushes near your perimeter, keep them neatly trimmed and small enough that a person would not be able to hide behind or within them or use them to climb the wall.

If you can secure your perimeter with razor spike you can rest assured that your family will be safe and secure.