Razor Wire
Razor Wire Concertina Coil and Flatwrap Installers

Razor Spike International are professional installers of Razor Wire. Razor Wire can be fitted to all surfaces such as gates, fences, walls. The wire is manufactured in different sizes and consists of razor sharp blades which are potentially dangerous for an intruder trying to breach the perimeter.

Concertina Coil

Concertina coil is used on applications where volume is necessary as it forms a tube of lethal blades that is very difficult to breach. Typical Installations would be Military, Industrial, Residential, roofs, buildings.


Flat Wrap

Flat Wrap razor wire is used on applications where the surface of the perimeter fencing is narrow. The flat wrap stands vertically on top of the structure and does not protrude either side of the structure. Typical applications would be on residential fences, precast concrete walls, gates and fences. Flat wrap can also be used to strengthen mesh fences by fastening rows of flat wrap to the side of the mesh fence.