Export Sales
Trade Enquiries welcome exports@razorspike.co.za

Razor Spike International exports the full range of anti-climb wall spikes as well as the Carstop worldwide. Razor Spike International has the capacity to manufacture large quantities of product for export. The manufacturing process guarantees consistently sharp points and the additional ribbing added provides excellent strength.

Our export prices are normally based on a quantity of 1000 x 1.5m Lengths as this is the most economical way of shipping. Prices are normally quoted CIF port of destination. Razor spike is packed into corrugated boxes and then onto a fumigated pallet for shipping.


Packing Specifications

  • Razor 11 is packed 15 x 1,5m Lengths per box. Weight 28kgs per box.
  • Razor 6 is packed 20 x 1,5m Lengths per box. Weight 33kgs per box
  • SS Blade is packed 40 x 1,5m Lengths per box. Weight 37kgs per box.
  • Rotry spike is packed 12 x 1.5m Lengths + 6 Tubes per box. Weight 35kgs per box.
  • Carstop units are boxed individually.


Trade Enquiries :

Should you be interested in purchasing and promoting our range of products in your country then please contact us at exports@razorspike.co.za

Pallet Containing 1000 Lengths of spike for export